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Your community has unique needs.

Our efforts are tailored to your community, real estate, and demographics.

We have solutions that can fit your needs, from retail recruitment to downtown revitalization.

Our team identifies retail and restaurants for your community and handles outreach on your behalf.

Education is action. Knowing how to recruit retail increases your odds of success.

Revitalizing downtown is a complex task and we are committed to helping you achieve it.

Resources and tools to aid growth, retention, online services, and place making for communities.

Our Community's Experience

Take the First Step

Receive a Retail and Small Business Impact Report

Understanding the impact the pandemic has had on your community is the first step to a proactive strategy.

Request this custom report to learn about the retail opportunities in your community and downtown.

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What does your community need?

Retail recruitment pays a return in tax revenues, added jobs and an improved quality of life for your citizens.

We work with communities nationwide on community revitalization through retail recruitment, downtown redevelopment, and small business support.

Serving communities from Birmingham, Atlanta, Fort Worth, and Starkville.

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