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  • Retail Strategies has been a tremendous asset to Cypress. They have access to industry and business intelligence in an immensely competitive retail environment. The relationships they develop with commercial/retail property owners delivers results for the city because Retail Strategies excels at marketing their clients.

    Peter Grant

    City Manager, Cypress, CA

  • My relationship with the Retail Strategies team has been extremely valuable over the last couple of years as I’ve searched for sites in the Southeast. They have been persistent and provided any information they could gather for available properties that fit my criteria. If they received news that a space was coming available they made sure to immediately give me a call and connect with the owners. I would recommend using this service to any of my colleagues looking in their client cities.

    Walter W. Kelley Jr.

    Associate Broker, Commercial Sales and Leasing, Arc Realty Co.

  • “Look at Harbor Freight,” Brown said. “The tax revenue that has come to the city from that one business alone has paid for what we paid [Retail Strategies]. That’s impressive.” ~

    Eric Brown

    Councilman for Alexander City

  • Thanks for your leads. Farmers Furniture proved to be a great lead that ultimately resulted in a long-term lease agreement, and I’m hoping this lease (along with Ruler Foods, Aaron’s, Vincent Outfitters, etc) creates more interest from other potential tenants.

    Jackson Moore

    Owner of University Plaza, Martin, TN

  • When considering Retail Strategies versus other consultants, what did you like about Retail Strategies versus your other options?

    “The work that Retail Strategies conducts AFTER the data collection, separates them from the competition. Not only do they provide the analytic insight, but they establish relationships with potential prospects and then follow up by actively recruiting these prospects on our behalf. This was the key factor in our decision.”

    Devin Parks

    Director of Economic Development and Government Relations, Conway SC Chamber of Commerce

  • "We just signed a lease in Tullahoma, TN and it took quite some time. I would have never looked at Tullahoma. I didn’t know much about Tullahoma, I had never been to Tullahoma. It wasn’t on my radar, even though I scoured the state…
    "We said 'Oh my goodness, OK. There are all these retailers. There’s a hotel there, these all these restaurants there. This must be the spot.' It really got my attention.
    The town has been waiting for us to come in. It’s a Greenfield, what we call a 'Greenfield' because there is very little competition, and we are opening a 22,000 sq/ft gym in Tullahoma in April or May of 2017. And we are very excited. We appreciate you pointing that out. We believe it is going to do very well.

    excerpt from January 2017 Fitness Webinar
    Chris Cavolo

    Principal & COO, Planet Fitness Growth Partners

  • The arrangement has been extremely beneficial to Andalusia. Retail Strategies has represented us to countless prospects in a very positive way that we couldn’t have. They provided us with data necessary to complete economic development projects that we were already working on. We introduced local developers to Retail Strategies and encouraged relationships in order to facilitate projects. Some of these relationships have been very productive. The goal is to encourage development through cooperation and sharing information. Retail Strategies is a facilitator, not a competitor to local developers.

    John Thompson

    City Clerk/Treasurer, CITY OF ANDALUSIA

  • The neon “Hot Now” sign is a critical piece of Krispy Kreme’s iconic brand.  Our client’s proposed sign, however, did not conform to the local ordinance which put the project in jeopardy.  Our relationship with Retail Strategies helped us navigate the restrictions and find common ground with the City of Bartlett.  The city gained a successful Krispy Kreme store and we delivered for our client.  The RS team was absolutely instrumental in making this happen.

    Brian Pierce

    Developer/Partner, DEEP RIVERS PARTNERS

  • "Lacy and her team at Retail Strategies has become a constant resource for our development team.  Currently, we leverage their insights and relationships along with their tech savvy approach and local market knowledge.   This give us the advantage we need across a number of difficult markets."

    Brian L. Peterson

    Director of Real Estate & Development, FOURTEEN FOODS

  • Backed by a very talented and productive supporting cast, Retail Strategies has produced compelling demographic reports for our retail program, and have updated all information on a consistent basis.  Their reputation with various corporate retail professionals and developers gives us “Instant” credibility.  When Retail Strategies tells a prospective company that they “really ought to take a strong look” at our City, they do it.

    C. Thomas Robinson

    Executive Director, Tullahoma Area Economic Development Corporation

  • "We're pleased with the feedback from retailers and the work Retail Strategies has performed. In just a short time, Hartwell has a detailed report of our community demographics, a market study, and -a road map for recruiting retail in the future. We've received good responses and have several interested parties to date. It's getting exciting. "

    Brandon Johnson

    Mayor of Hartwell, Georgia

  • "The real estate brokerage community is able to work with Retail Strategies and expose them to the sites we have listed or under development. The company (Retail Strategies) allows us to maximize and multiply our efforts, exposing our Moline locations to potential users across the country." “Marketing Efforts for Moline Already Successful” by Dawn Neuses 
    Jeff Miller

    Jeff Miller, Commercial Broker, Moline

  • “I have been more than pleased with the work Retail Strategies has done on behalf of the city. Not only has Retail Strategies worked closely with us but they have also worked directly with a local investment group as well as with both local and regional developers to attract retailers to Liberal. To this point, everyone who has worked with them has given Retail Strategies glowing reviews.”

    Leader & Times, September 22, 2015
    Jeff Parsons

    Jeff Parsons, Economic Dev. Director, Liberal, Kansas

  • “Our investment in Retail Strategies has been one of the best decisions passed by our Chamber’s leadership. I strongly recommend you consider using their services. You will definitely be pleased with their product.”

    <pre>Agenda Statement for Walker County Chamber </pre>

    Linda Lewis

    President of the Walker County, AL Chamber

  • "It’s a hard business, but Retail Strategies has a good track record of being able to help communities obtain businesses that are a good fit for them. The company already knows and works with many national and regional retailers to help them find new locations. We expect the contract with Retail Strategies is going to provide an excellent return on our local investment and is an important part of the revitalization of the Union County Development Association."

    New Albany Gazette, “Retail Strategies” January 28, 2015
    Wayne Mitchell

    Writer for New Albany Gazette

  • "What closed the deal finally was when Retail Strategies came in and gave the company the demographic information they wanted and showed the company how Macerich was making the investment in SouthPark Mall." “Marketing Efforts for Moline Already Successful” by Dawn Neuses
    Ray Forsythe

    City Planning & Development Director, Moline


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