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2020 Sales Tax for 100 Restaurants and Retailers

Sales Tax Report: 100 Retailers & Restaurants

Combining top restaurant and retail companies, Retail Strategies looks at sales tax dollars

For a year that included so much upheaval, the rankings remain relatively stable. Included in the PDF report are average annual sales earnings, earnings per unit, and an estimate of how many employees an average retail store or restaurant will staff. Naturally, we have included an annual sales tax collection revenue for cities or communities that collect 2% sales tax.

Why 100 companies? These brand are growing or stable, which generates long-term returns for your community. With these retailers as a base to bolster revenue collection, you can support more local initiatives and fund additional roles for your community.

If you are recruiting retail and are curious what an average Quick Service Restaurant or Retailer will bring to your community, the report proves that economic development is retail development. If you have questions, our team is available to point you in the direction of retail recruitment and retention resources.

How to use this report:
  • Pair with your Retail Leakage Analysis to find what retail categories show the biggest opportunities
  • Recruit retail or restaurants to add jobs and city sales tax revenue
  • Consider your Peer Communities to identify which companies you could attract

Note: The Sales Tax 100 roster is based on sales rankings for 2019 & 2020.
National Retail Federation data is 2019, while Nations Restaurant News is 2020.

sales tax revenue for 2021 retailers

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