Article ~ “Forget the Gloom: Adapt”

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by Gary Excelby, The Paragould Daily, March 4, 2018

Paragould Daily

Amid all the gloom and doom about how online sales are crippling brick-and-mortar retailers, Clay Craft has a simple message: Adapt.


“We’re here to debunk the ‘retail apocalypse,’” said Craft, a portfolio director for Retail Strategies, to a general membership meeting of the Paragould Chamber of Commerce Thursday at the Paragould Community Center. He noted the widespread coverage of various store closings was due to the fact that “bad news sells.”

“We know that retailers are closing stores, but the alternative to closing stores is going out of business altogether.” Along those lines, Craft dispelled several of the component myths of the “retail apocalypse.” “We keep hearing how is putting brick-and-mortar retailers out of business” Craft said. However, he said, the total percentage of sales made online for all outlets comes to 8.5 percent.

“Amazon became the villain,” he said, “but it wasn’t the cause. The fact is that retailers expanded beyond their ability to serve.”

Thus the store closings. Nevertheless, Craft said, according to research done by Retail Strategies, 78 percent of consumers want to do their shopping at brick-and-mortar stores. In addition, data Craft presented showed great growth in brick-and-mortar stores over the last 14 months, with discount stores leading the way.

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Clay Craft
Portfolio Director

Clay serves as the face of the company for Retail Strategies clients in the Midwest and Florida. He began his career with Retail Strategies in Retail Development where he has assisted retailer’s open new stores in 12 states and now leverages that deal making experience to find new opportunities for development and redevelopment in his client cities.

Clay Craft

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My relationship with the Retail Strategies team has been extremely valuable over the last couple of years as I’ve searched for sites in the Southeast. They have been persistent and provided any information they could gather for available properties that fit my criteria. If they received news that a space was coming available they made sure to immediately give me a call and connect with the owners. I would recommend using this service to any of my colleagues looking in their client cities.

Walter Kelly, Broker

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Retail Strategies has been a tremendous asset to Cypress. They have access to industry and business intelligence in an immensely competitive retail environment. The relationships they develop with commercial/retail property owners delivers results for the city because Retail Strategies excels at marketing their clients.

Peter Grant, City Manager

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