Tennessee 2020

Aug 13-14, 2020
Tennessee 2021

Helping communities in Tennessee learn to attract retail, teaching how data provides options, and real estate drives decisions.


communities to ask for what they deserve.


communities on what similar towns have received.


communities to approach retail partners in a smart way.


communities to meet their true potential.


A Partnership with the Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development

Retail Strategies is pleased to offer a program that fills a need and community desire to be more effective in retail recruitment. More than 85 Tennessee communities have participated in Retail Academy over the past four years.

The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development is offering a grant opportunity to communities across the State with a population of less than 25,000 to help the selected communities increase revenues from retail. This grant will fully fund qualified cities to complete the Retail Academy program. The goal is to provide cities with the resources and education necessary to enhance their retail landscape and improve their economy as a whole. Retail Academy will educate communities on best practices to attract new retailers while providing resources support to existing local businesses. Retail Academy will empower these cities to increase their local sales and property tax collections as well as increase the overall quality of life.

This grant application applies to one of three programs offered:
Retail Academy 101, Retail Academy 201 and Retail Academy 301

Thursday, August 13th

12:30 Registration

1:00 Welcome and Overview

2:00 Breakouts (101,201,301)

3:30 – 5:30 Deal-Making Tables

6:30 Networking Reception – Granite City Food & Brewery


Friday, August 14th

7:00 Continental Breakfast at Hotel

8:00 Welcome and Recap

8:15 Case Study

9:00 Case Study

9:45 Redevelopment

10:30 Break

10:45 International Council of Shopping Centers

11:15 Next Steps & Benchmarks

12:00 Adjournment

301: Downtown Strategies

Thur, Nov 7, 2019



201: Site Strategies

Thur, Feb 6, 2020



101: COVID-19: Sales Tax

Forecasting and Job Vulnerability Tool
Thur, April 30, 2020



Lacy Beasley

President of Retail Strategies


Madeline Farr

Director of Retail Academy


Drury Plaza

1874 W McEwen Dr
Franklin, TN 37067

tennessee economic and community development retail academy

Economic Development Partnership

Retail Academy Tennessee pairs TNECD in the 4th Annual Retail Education sessions featuring multiple tiers of strategy and development for rural communities.



Event Details

Event Date

Aug 13-14, 2020


Franklin, TN or Online


Drury Plaza
1874 W McEwen Dr
Franklin, TN 37067


Madeline Farr


32 Communities

Hosted by Lacy BeasleyPresident of Retail Strategies, these intense learning sessions provide you with customized retail reports and best practices.

Retail Academy is a program that empowers community leaders to take a proactive approach to their retail opportunities. Communities will be trained and equipped with the tools and education necessary to attract new retailers to their markets, while providing support to their existing local businesses.

What's Included?

The course provides you with...

  • 50+ page Customized Retail Recruitment Plan
  • Customized retail marketing pitch to use with retailers
  • A retail prospect list
  • Customized leakage report for your community
  • Mobile Data Collection Report
  • Navigation tips and insider insights

Retail Academy is designed to equip community leaders with a realistic list of retail prospects and action plan to market the community to the prospects.

Six hours of customized training include an education on the marketing materials provided, how to create an elevator pitch, setting up conference meetings, prospect outreach and where to find industry leading information critical to implementing a long-term retail recruitment plan.

  • Recruitment Plan

    50+ page Customized Retail Recruitment Plan

  • Marketing Pitch

    Customized retail marketing pitch to use with retailers

  • Prospect List

    A customized retail prospect list

  • Leakage Report

    Customized leakage report for your community

  • Mobile Tracking

    Mobile Tracking Data Collection Report

  • Tips & Tricks

    Navigation tips and insider insights

Retail recruitment is a marathon, not a sprint

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