Think North Baton Rouge Can’t Attract Major Retailers or Grocery Stores? Think Again

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Retail Strategies to encourage retail development

by Terry L. Jones, The Advocate, February 18, 2020 [link]

North Baton Rouge, LA – The Baton Rouge North Economic Development District is getting some outside help from an Alabama-based firm that specializes in attracting retail businesses to distressed communities. 

An important component of the work Retail Strategies will do is conduct research to determine how much north Baton Rouge is losing annually in consumer spending because of the lack of quality retail in the area, forcing its residents to travel to other parts of the city for their purchases. 

William Turnley, portfolio director for the firm, said the leakage report is just one facet of the work they’ll do for the economic district. The data they cull for that report will serve as a tool to attract businesses and create jobs in north Baton Rouge. 

The firm will also conduct real estate analysis and knock on doors to gain a better understanding of the community’s needs. 

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My relationship with the Retail Strategies team has been extremely valuable over the last couple of years as I’ve searched for sites in the Southeast. They have been persistent and provided any information they could gather for available properties that fit my criteria. If they received news that a space was coming available they made sure to immediately give me a call and connect with the owners. I would recommend using this service to any of my colleagues looking in their client cities.

Walter Kelly, Broker

Arc Realty

walter kelley arc realty

Retail Strategies has been a tremendous asset to Cypress. They have access to industry and business intelligence in an immensely competitive retail environment. The relationships they develop with commercial/retail property owners delivers results for the city because Retail Strategies excels at marketing their clients.

Peter Grant, City Manager

Cypress, CA

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