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Beyond data into relationships and expertise.

Quality data is only the beginning. Our teams are advocates for your city, and actively recruit retail on your behalf.

Our Solutions

Retail Recruitment Process

Our premiere full-service recruitment offers the data, education, and one-on-one contact of our other services, plus a dedicated team of retail real estate experts proactively cataloging your sites and contacting retailers on your behalf.

Data & Analytics

Retail Strategies has partnered with the industry leaders in research and analytics so we can provide the deepest, most thorough look into your community and it’s consumers.

Real Estate Analysis

Through deploying real estate professionals to your community we are able to identify the key real estate assets within the community. All of the sites are logged and recorded on a GIS platform so they can be fully utilized by your recruitment team.

Community Input

Our model and strategies are not ‘one size fits all’ because each community we work with has unique attributes and vision for their future.

Following the market analysis, Retail Strategies will present the findings through a 70+ page presentation and provide a comprehensive report on your community’s unique data points, strategic and underutilized real estate assets, retailers who fit your market, and many more topics to give you community and it’s leaders the greatest insight into the market.

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Networking for you

Following the presentation of the Retail Strategy, we then begin the heavy lifting of retail recruitment. The professionals at Retail Strategies will put the data and underutilized real estate assets to work by connecting them with targeted businesses. Our team has National connections that we will put to work on your behalf. We currently know who to contact, their expansion plans, and their site criteria for over 9000 retailers nationwide.

Who We Connect With

Retail recruitment is a complex business and involves multiple parties. To ensure we are creating the best environment for deals to happen our team connects with:

  • Local property owners
  • Brokers
  • Developers
  • Investors
  • Directors of real estate
  • Franchisees
  • Local business owners
  • Many other decision makers


National Representation

The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and Retail Live are the leading global trade associations for the retail industry. ICSC and Retail Live help the public and private sectors understand the industry through educational programs, publications, certification programs, and (most popular) Deal Making Conventions. Each year these two organizations put on over twenty conferences for real estate professionals to connect to discuss deals. We attend each conference on your behalf to communicate, one on one, the opportunities in your market with the business we are targeting on your behalf.

Patience and Persistence

Retail Strategies has been the catalyst for retail real estate transactions in our Client communities.


Retailers have limited capital budgets for expansion. Real estate transactions involve multiple parties and will be influenced by myriad variables, which may speed up or slow down the timeline for retailers’ commitment to new locations.

By aligning your community with Retail Strategies you will have real estate professionals who have years of completing retail real estate transactions working on your behalf will. We cannot predict the unpredictable but we have been in this industry for a collective 150+ years. We have seen the obstacles and will know if there is a way around them.

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5 Steps to Recruit Retail

Download our five-step guide for best practices when recruiting retail in your community.


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