3 ways to take part in a Retail Academy

Type of Events

Online Courses

Sometimes it is easier to do it at your own pace. Our online course also Includes live 1-on-1 sessions, so while we provide you the content in video, audio and visual learning, we also check in on you.

We come to you

We schedule a trip to your community, and teach between 4 to 5 of your staff. This method works well if you have an open schedule and can work with us and host our team.

You come to us

We have a state-of-the-art education classroom in our offices and would love to host you while you are in Birmingham. We have also opened an office in Fort Worth, which may shorten your commute.

Statewide Events

Coordinated with state authorities, funded through state grants and partnerships, this conference style education allows for better networking and we can bring in regional retailers, brokers, and experts to enrich your experience.

Birmingham 2022

The Retail Academy courses are held in the Classroom at the Retail Strategies’ headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama.

Texas 2022

Retail Academy Partnership details coming soon. 


Retail Real Estate Education Online

When travel is difficult, or not possible, we have developed a series of online courses to get your community the tools it needs.

Past Events