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8 hours

Broken into chapters, you can spend one hour per week and gain a vital understanding of the role retail plays in your community.


The course is hosted online, allowing for you to accomplish your learning anywhere, at any time. Simply login to the portal.


With over 12 retail and real estate experts from across the nation contributing, you will gain insight and expand your network.

Who will you learn from?

The highest caliber retail and community experts from across the nation. 

Clarence Anthony

CEO and Executive Director, National League of Cities

David Downey

President & CEO, International Downtown Association

Larissa Ortiz

Managing Director, Public + Non Profit Solutions, Streetsense

Cynthia Stewart

Vice President of Community Engagement, Retail Strategies

Jeff Finkle

President & CEO, International Economic Development Council

Jazmen Johnson

Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, ICSC

Online Course

Course Content

Why does retail matter to your community? Beyond placemaking, and being the heart and soul of a community, retail is an economic engine that boost your community growth and well-being.


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Cynthia Stewart

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Our online courses are packed with insider interviews, tips, resources, and the know-how based on years of experience to get your community to achieve your goals.