What do you get?

Retail Academy empowers community leaders to take a proactive approach to their retail opportunities. By equipping them with tools, marketing collateral, and a list of prospects they can properly market their opportunities.

Why this works

Customized Deliverables

Communities will be trained and equipped with the tools and education necessary to attract new retailers to their markets, while providing support to their existing local businesses.


Retail Academy’s customized training includes education on the marketing materials provided, how to create an elevator pitch, setting conference meetings, prospect outreach, and where to find industry-leading information critical to implementing a long-term retail recruitment plan.

What you get

Our Courses Include:


Demographics for a custom trade area

Marketing Flier

Custom retail recruitment flier

Best Practices

A customized retail sales pitch and best practices

Our Network

Access to retail real estate experts, peer communities, and our network of existing retail partners

A bit more specific

What do I get?

Custom Market Data

Peer Analysis
Mobile Tracking Data
GAP Analysis
Trade Area
Demographics Overview

Recruitment Tools

Customized Retail Marketing Guide
Aerial Map with Retailers Plotted
Elevator Pitch

ICSC Overview

Regional Conferences
Deal Making


Guest Speakers
Current Industry Trends
Site Selection 101
Retail Recruitment & Marketing
Business Retention Tools
Public/Private Partnerships


Neighboring Communities


Online courses
Resource Library
Learn from Anywhere


Come here, or stay at home.

Come to us

Our traditional Retail Academy class allows us to fly 3-5 people to our headquarters in Birmingham, AL to engage in a day-and-half, retail intensive education process in our new state-of-the-art classroom.

Plan an Event

We have also worked with multiple communities to host a large event at a centralized location, and coordinated with State institutions to initiate grant programs.

Learn Online

Prefer to learn online? We understand that in-person is not always the best option. We now have an online portal allowing you to learn from anywhere.

Retail Recruitment is a marathon, not a sprint

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