August 7, 2018

Webinar ~ Small Business survival with E-Commerce

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TC Elli's retail webinar
retail webinar on small business ecommerce

Retail Small Business survival in
an E-Commerce World

August 7th, 10 AM, 2018 (CST)


Tahnee Elliott is a rare example of a female owned and operated small business who has successfully integrated e-commerce platforms that launched her local brick-and-mortar apparel boutique into a national brand. Tahnee will share the struggles and triumphs unique to small businesses omni-channeling.

“Owning your own business is rewarding, freeing, exciting, and super fun. To be passionate about something in life at the age of 24 and then to be given the chance to share it with the world can’t be described. Then imagine the world rewards you with visits to your store, shopping online or liking your social media! This journey of being an entrepreneur has be nothing less than phenomenal.” ~ Tahnee Elliott on entrepreneurship.


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retail webinar on small business ecommerce

tahnee elliottTahnee Elliott opened T.C.Elli’s Eclectic Clothing Boutique when she was 24 years old, growing the small business over the last 17 years into a thriving national retail business. Based in Lubbock, Texas her clothing market grew and altered to fulfill the fashion needs of young women attending Texas Tech University. Currently, T. C. Elli’s has evolved into an omni-channel platform hosting an extensive online store, with ambassadors throughout the nation promoting their apparel.

Tahnee has been interviewed and featured in several publications curious about how a small business owner in West Texas managed to thrive and overcome the hurdles of scaling up her clothing business and surviving the recession. For more reading about how she followed her passion, utilized technology, marketing, and elbow-grease with a positive attitude view the links below.

Passion into Success
Shifting to Positive Cash Flow
How Online Apparel Brands Succeed

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